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Barakka is a very nice card game in which you collect Moroccan cards. At the same time, you try to stop your opponent from doing the same.

How do you play the game Barakka?

The Barakka game contains cards in five colors. The cards are numbered 1 to 5. Each color also contains jokers.

To start the game, place two cards face up to start two discard piles. It is his turn to take the top card from a discard pile or a card face down. Do you want to keep the face down card? Then place them in front of you in a pile with only cards of this color. If you don't want the card, put it on top of the discard pile.

Each player has their personal card sets in front of them. The sets are arranged by color. You place them in such a way that you can see how many cards there are, but that you cannot see the number or wildcard symbol.

Goal of the Barakka card game

The object of the game Barakka is to collect all five numbered cards in each color. A joker can replace any number.

A player who places the fifth card in a pile claims the corresponding colored token. When the stack is used up, the points are counted.

Scoring at Barakka

The players score points based on the length of their strings. If a series does not contain 1, you score no points for this series. Each joker in a valid sequence is worth as many points as the length of the sequence. Each colored token has a point value equal to the number of tokens you have collected.

In the Barakka game it is therefore about collecting as many valid series as possible, while blocking the opponent at the same time.

Number of players1-2
Recommended age9+
Type of gameCard game
Playing time15 min
LanguageEnglish, German
Language independentNo necessary in-game text
Base game or expansionBase game

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