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The game Chachapoya is set in 1930 in South America. Famous archaeologists have collected artifacts from the Chachapoya Indians. However, in dividing the loot there is disagreement. Who will take home the most valuable treasures? With bluff and cunning, the players try to outsmart each other.

How to play the game Chachapoya?

The starting player chooses 3 treasure cards and shows them to the other players. Then he secretly discards 1 of the three cards.

The players may now bid on the treasure cards. Players bid with adventurer cards of the same rank, but with a variable number of cards. The player with the highest bid gets both cards. At the end of the round, each player may again draw one Adventurer card.

However, in Chachapoya you have to watch out for the curse. Whoever collects too many treasure cards of the same suit is eliminated.

The player with the highest final score wins the game.

The Yayaucha promo cards

You continue to follow the original rules of Chachapoya. Yayaucha's promo cards are dangerous 'God of Sand' cards. You shuffle these cards into the treasure pile after completing the card preparation of the base game.

With 2 players, discard 20 randomly chosen cards. With 3 players, you discard 15 cards. With 4 players, you discard 10 cards. You may not view the discarded cards.

Number of players2-4
Recommended age8+
Type of gameBluffing game, Card game
Playing time20-30 min
LanguageEnglish, German
Language independentNo necessary in-game text
Base game or expansionBase game

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