Dorfromantik: The Duel

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In Dorfromantik two players compete against each other. Who will create the most beautiful world with the hexagonal landscape tiles? Who can best fulfill the wishes of the villagers and master the new task types?

Two independently playable modules provide more challenge, variation, and interaction.

Interesting facts:
For fans of Dorfromantik The Board Game:
The game Dorfromantik The Duel comes with 7 tiles of the new Task types and 4 new Special tiles, including the components necessary, to tak on these new challenges in cooperative play.

With 2 copies of Dorfromantik The Duel, you can play up to 4 people!


Number of players2
Recommended age8+
Type of gameTile Placement
Playing time30-45 min
Language independentUse of in-game text
PublisherPegasus Spiele
Base game or expansionBase game

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