Imperium: Classics

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In the card game Imperium Classics, the fate of one of the greatest civilizations in history is in your hands!

Each player leads one of the eight asymmetrical civilizations. The aim of the game is to build the most dominant empire the world has ever seen.

Under constant threat of attack, players must conquer new lands, provide for scientific and cultural advancement, and lead their people into the era of the empire. When they expand too quickly, there will be unrest. However, if they expand too slowly, they will never make history. Planning and finding a good balance are therefore essential in this game.

Imperium: Classics is a standalone game that contains the following civilizations: the Roman, Greek, Carthaginian, Celtic, Macedonian, Persian, Scythian and that of the Vikings. Furthermore, there is an individual solo opponent who acts like any nation.

The Imperium classics game is fully compatible with Imperium: Legends. This way you can expand your pool of civilizations.


Number of players1-4
Playing time60-120 min
Language independentUse of in-game text
Base game or expansionBase game

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