Ticket to Ride: Art Sleeves (46x70mm)

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Sleeves with Ticket to Ride artwork

This is a pack of premium sleeves that protects the cards of the Ticket to Ride board game against greasy fingers and moisture. By using sleeves, you also prevent damage to the cards during shuffling (scratches and bent corners).

The protective covers have the original artwork from the board game.

All-in-one pack with 152 matte sleeves

Ticket to Ride Europe Art Sleeves is an all-in-one pack with 152 sleeves. It contains 114 sleeves for the train cards, 34 sleeves for the cards with the routes, and 4 clear sleeves for the remaining cards.

These Art sleeves are high-quality matte sleeves from the Gamegenic brand. The matte finish makes shuffling the cards easier. In addition, matte sleeves prevent reflection of the light.

These sleeves are optimized for the Ticket to Ride board game.


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