Unmatched: King & Country

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Unmatched Marvel is a tactical game with combat between gifted opponents. The players choose a hero and use his or her unique skills to defeat the other(s).

Unmatched Marvel: King & Country features the following characters:
- Black Widow: She'll have you caught in her web before you even know she's there.

- Winter Soldier: He is programmed to kill without remorse.

- Black Panther: He absorbs strikes and unleashes them back with his cat-like reflexes.

You can mix up the heroes and the game boards of the different Unmatched games. This gives you new challenges and new opportunities to make combos.

Number of players2-3
Recommended age14+
Type of gameBoard game
Playing time20-40 min
Language independentUse of in-game text
PublisherRestoration Games
Base game or expansionBase game, Expansion

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